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Aura Casting

Cast auras to add success or increase the speed of your skills! Level them up and they get more powerful, then use soul shards at altars to unlock more auras to use!


Fight goblins, skeletons, orcs and much more! Get special drops for defeating them that can be used to craft better gear!


Construct buildings, and then upgrade them for more storage and higher level actions! Join together in a clan to build faster as you work together!


Whether you're cooking up some bread or brewing potions, you'll be adding bonuses to success and speed to every skill! The stove, oven and fermentor will be your friends.


From carving bows, crafting potion flasks, and sewing leather armor, there's no end to the ways crafting helps you on your journey.


You'll learn that each plant has it's own special phases and grow times, maximizing it's harvest to send to the cooks and crafters.


From bluegill to pike, you'll work your way up to bigger and bigger fish, giving you better and better pieces of fish for sushi and other dishes to aid you on your way.


Stalk your prey as you increase in skill, one day being able to take them out with critical one shot kills! You'll obtain leather and other items that are indespensible.


Not only will you be mining ore to smith into powerful tools, you'll be finding rare gems to craft into powerful items, and minerals to use in farming.


The hardest of all skills, if you can master this you'll be producing shovels, picks, hammers, rings, tools of all shapes and sizes!


Soon you will be running everywhere instead of walking! Ya, there really isn't anyway of making this one sound exciting. At least we're honest.


You'll be aiding crafters and constructors As you work your way up to higher and higher levels of wood, and finding seeds along your way to plant in your farms!

Failure! It's awesome!

here at Batteredshield, we believe that one of the greatest teaching tools in life is failure. That is why you get DOUBLE XP for your failed actions, giving you an extra boost towards greatness!

Action Totals

We keep a running log of the results of your actions so you know what items you've collected, how much xp you've gained, and how successful you've been. No more guessing!

Join a Clan

Clans are a great way to get a leg up in Batteredshield. They have shared clan chat that only clannies can see, shared forums, and shared buildings in multiple regions.

Super awesome chat!

tabs, /me, premium channel and emotes, we have it all!

We even have an Incognito mode for more discrete chatting to make your experince less distracting to others!

Contribute to making the game better!

We actively look at user feedback to improve the game. We have implimented several features requested by the players. We are also developing the ability to add user developed plugins!

Over 750 in-game items!

Marketplace and trading!

It's a lot like that other market-like place on the internets! Set up your own storefront, and buy and sell from both users and npc's! It pulls all the items you may want into one screen, and shows each item's offers in order of price!

You can also trade directly player to player through the trade chat, bartering directly with items.

The basics

PBBG stands for "Persistant Browswer Based Game." It is much like other MMO's, but do not require the active attention they do. PBBG's 'persist' and keep going while you are focused on other things. You can continue to gain XP and items in the background, while you write emails, make dinner, or even while you are playing other games.

There is a large emphisis on timers, so each action you perform has a countdown to completion.